Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Missing in Action

Wow, so if you've been watching this space, you've been mighty disappointed (please validate my delusions of grandeur!). A week of silence. And over the little man's first birthday. Bad blogging daddy. My defence is thin, but maybe stronger than that in the Pink Bunny Incident.

Last week was a double-whammy. Preparations were underway to celebrate the first anniversary of the arrival of the wee man (otherwise known as "praise your deity we dont have to go through that labour and delivery thing this year!"). As per perfect timing in babyworld parenthood, I came down with an illness that knocked me flat. In addition to my moaning about my raw throat, splitting head and throbbing sinuses, my wife had to put up with very little assistance in party preparations. And boy were there Heraclean labours jobs to do. Cleaning (we do this regularly, I swear), decorating, baking, shopping, cooking, lootbag stuffing, cake decorating, multimedia presentation preparation, soundtrack selection, parenting. The list kept growing. Playing on the interweb slipped. But I'm back now and I'll catch up in the next few days. After all, I have to tell you about the great success of the best party ever the little man's special day.

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