Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lost Lambs and Parenting Panic

Monday night. Bedtime.

The little man is out of gas. Red-rimmed eyes. Ever increasing wailing. Unexpected lunges out of our grasp. Exhausted.

We got some dinner into him, had a quick bath and managed to squeeze him into his pjs, even if it took both parental units. Bottle is refused. He doesn't even want a bedtime story. We give him his soother, plop him in the crib, and tuck him in. Then, panic.

Where is his Lamby?

Mommy: "Did you bring it home from Daycare on Friday?"

Daddy: " I don't remember. That was last week!"

M: "What do you mean? I asked you this morning when I gave you the lamb to take. Did you bring one home?"

D: "I thought there was one in the wash."

M: "I didn't put one in the wash. Did you? Go check."

Precious minutes pass.

D: "It's not in the washer or the dryer. Does he really need it?"

M: "Yes. You need to go back to daycare and get it."

D: "But it's night time, daycare is closed, the building is closed."

M: "Get security to open it up."

D: "I think he'll be ok. Doesn't he have other soft fluffy animals to cuddle?"

M: "Of course he does, but they're not Lamby! How can you not remember if you brought it home on Friday and why did you take one this morning and leave it there? Didn't you check his bed at daycare?"

D: "Ummm, no."

When we got the second the second lamb (same as the first) it was to avoid this very scenario. One to be kept at Daycare, one at home in the crib. He loves that lamb. He needs it to sleep. Dad is supposed to keep them straight. Somehow in the drop-off/pick-up with the boy, the blankets, the bottles, the diapers, the wipes, the clothes and the soothers, the lamb got missed.

We had accept our fate and prepare ourselves for a long night.

Turns out the frog was an ok substitute.

At daycare drop-off this morning my first move was the put one of the lambys in my bag. Last night turned out ok, but I' m not going to risk it.

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