Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Steps - for us, not baby

So Sunday we took the plunge. We left the house, without Oliver. No need to call child welfare, we scored a babysitter. For the first time a non-family member or daycare worker would be looking after the wee man. It was only for an hour on a Sunday afternoon and all we did was go for a bike ride, but it was somewhat liberating. He had a blast (us parental folk can be somewhat boring) and we enjoyed our outing.

Nothing terrible happened (knock on wood), but at least it's a starting point. Look out world, Oliver's folks have found a babysitter! We'll be seeing you In Da Club, and the last time we were there I think that was a cutting edge hit.


Cristin said...

Bottle full of bub?

Homemaker Man said...

Congrats, dude. Big important moment.