Friday, July 16, 2010

A Helping Hand

I've read my share of history texts that make sweeping generalizations about economic and social structure. You know the line where the author ends up equating lots of children with more hands on deck - a family based many-hands-make-light work manual for economic subsistence. To date, my experience, and granted it's only 15 months of experience, of parenthood is notably different. Then again I'm not a pioneer on the wild plains of North America or the Siberian steppe, but I do inhabit an urban jungle.

This morning though, with my ears still ringing of Cut Like a Buffalo and Hustle and Cuss, I came downstairs to find the little man helping out his Mom. There she was folding laundry and he was all to eager to help. Of course helping for the squirt consisted of unfolding everything as he pulled apart neat piles of clothing, stuffing it all back in the basket, but the intention was there. He clearly wanted to help out. He really does enjoy putting things away - does it matter that he takes equal relish in pulling them all out too?

Fatherhood Friday at Dad BlogsWhat I really want to know is when can he start taking out the garbage and shovellig the walk?

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