Monday, July 26, 2010

Safe Landings

First flight is over. It wasn't a solo shot across the Atlantic or a tour du globe and we didn't end up on some small Pacific atoll, but we made it. The little guy was actually really good. Completely behind schedule on our way to the airport (blame yer parents), we managed to miss the pre-boarding. Nor did we get food into him. We also ended up with a few too many carry-on bags. We did, however, score coffees and breakfast sandwiches so I call it even.

Despite the gate agent's unhelpfulness (I'm being generous, she was pretty rude), and having it made clear in no uncertain terms that we were sharing the row with seatmates, once we boarded they magically disappeared. I'm not sure what we would have done without the extra seat. He sat in it, played in it, ate in it and finally slept in it. I guess we will find out on our way home.

Vacation so far is going great. He loves seeing his grandparents, but is definitely protesting sleep in all it's forms - naps, bedtimes et al. I guess it's just too much fun here. Why miss anything sleeping? That's just mom and dad's idea of an ideal vacation.

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candicem said...

We were on our own camping vacation last week so missed your earlier post to say that the flight earlier this year to St. Martin was all about timing around sleep... golden on the way there, a little bit of torture on the way back.

It'll take a day or two for him to realize that sleep is supposed to happen "there" now. But it'll happen.