Thursday, July 22, 2010

Leaving, On a Jet Plane

Tomorrow is the first day of our vacation. We're off to the big sky, open prairie and craggy Rocky mountains of Alberta (despite PR campaigns to the contrary). It's where I grew up and it's where one half of the wee man's grandparents live. Days of lounging by the pool in thirty degree dry heat with a few days of camping in the most glorious of national parks, Jasper, await. Great food, good company, rest and relaxation, natural beauty, a live-in babysitter. Should be a dream vacation.

Snaring River, Jasper, AB
So we should be excited, gettin' in the groove, takin' a load off, sittin' back and enjoying the ride. Yes, we should, in theory.

There's just a couple of little hurdles in the way.

The first, is we like to be organized. Now that we're a bit older, and definitely strict adherers to "the rules", we tend to like to know what's in store. We tend to google the sh*t out of it, read, plan, make lists, apply lessons-learned and scour friends, neighbours and colleagues for best practices. Sure we may be a bit anal, but it's become how we roll. Unfortunately we've never done this particular this before. We've never travelled long distance with the little guy at this age (we did do 3200 kms by car last summer, but he was still immobile) and never by plane. We don't really know what to expect, let alone how to prepare.

And this leads to our second big hurdle - what's the flight with the little man going to be like? Will he be chill, resigned to his fate on my lap, flirting with stewardesses, charming seatmates and making the flight literally fly by? Or will he, as in my worst nightmares, howl the entire journey, struggling against his confinement like a trapped wildebeast, throwing aeroplane food and alienating an entire cabin of complete strangers?

I'll be sure to let you know, provided we actually get there.

I just hope my folks have a beer or two on ice for when we touch down in Edmonton.


hardcoredds said...

We've done about 15 flights with Sophie, and just recently (ie: since she's started cruising/walking) it is much harder, as that is all she wants to do. Hey, at least it's only 3.5 hours or so, and I've been impressed with how accomodating most people are when they get fussy. Also of note, we're camping in Jasper on the 31st, you still there?

wherewiller said...

I have spent WAY, way too many hours on planes with my children. Including being locked on board for 14 hours last week, a flight that was meant to be just 7 hours.

I will echo what Greg said - it's only a few hours out of your life. Even when it was 14 for me - oh well, it's just 14 hours of my life. How bad could it really be...

Good luck!