Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Seasonal Decor

Fall is here. It's dark before 7pm, the leaves have turned and we've switched the furnace on. Hallowe'en is just around the corner. Work is underway on costumes and turning the front yard into a fearsome festival of fright.

Inside things are a bit different. In days of old you might have found a seasonal display of autumnal vegetables (strangely shaped gourds, dried coloured ears of corn, the odd mini-pumpkin) or a centrepiece of brightly coloured leaves. Well, not really. I've never been much of a Martha Stewart. But last night as we had a nice family dinner I couldn't help and notice that amongst the wreckage of mismatched placemats, chunks of escaped foodstuffs and discarded bibs was a diaper. Smack in the centre of the table.  It was a nice and fresh one, but still there it was.  A diaper.

So if you're coming over for dinner, you've been warned.

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candicem said...

Ha ha ha! I can so relate... with #2 due mid-November, I'm thinking we'll be lucky to see the fireplace wreath hung for Christmas!