Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Face to Face with T Rex

On Saturday morning, we decided to brave the March Break Madness and hit the Royal Ontario Museum.

The ROM is home to many cool exhibits, but the big guy had made a special request - it was time to go and see the dinosaurs.

Parenting tip of the week: buy your tickets online ahead of time. We skipped the line, found the elevator and were the first in the dinosaur gallery.

There were dinosaurs everywhere.
They were hanging from the ceiling.
They were standing inches away.
And there were even real bones we could touch.

The big guy was amazed. 

and of course Tyrannosaurus rex!

There were dinosaurs that lived in the ocean and dinosaurs that flew. There were giant dinosaurs longer than two school buses and tiny dinosaurs smaller than a pet cat.

The questions from the big guy came fast and furious. I was quickly reminded how little I remember from my childhood of fascination with the terrible lizards. Thankfully the exhibit was full of helpful tidbits. I realize that unfortunately this is only a sign of things to come. Looks like I'll be doing my homework to help him with his.

But fun was certainly the order of the day. We dug for dino bones, dressed up as dinosaurs and even explored the bat cave (?). And I'm pretty sure we even learned a thing or two. In the car on the way home, CanaMom and I were "discussing" the origins of the Ice Age. Thanks Wikipedia.

 And you, really big guy, we'll be seeing you again soon.

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