Monday, March 4, 2013


Stop me if you've heard this one before: When I was a kid, I had some pretty cool toys.

Transformers - check.  
Hot Wheels - you know it.
GI Joe - check.
M.A.S.K.(!?) - yup that too.

Before I start sounding off about the uphill both ways, I will concede that there is some pretty neat stuff nowadays too. Hex Bugs seem cool (in the store). Magformers are definitely awesome, and so are Wedgits. Of course, the big daddy of building toys is Lego.

The little dude, getting bigger everyday, has been into Duplo for at least two years now. And we build some awesome Zurg BoatsTM . But this weekend I went rooting around in the furnace room and dug out a big old tupperware my mom had put aside for me.

It's survived a childhood, a little sister, a flood, a reno and a trip across the Great White North. It's next challenge - my almost 4-year old.

As the little bricks spilled out onto the floor, I was transported back to the basements of my youth. A moon baseplate! Instructions for the original 375 Castle (if not all the bricks)! Old school mini-figures!

The little man dug it.

And now, it's time for Dad to really play!

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