Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Great White North - Redux

Despite it being March, the clocks having sprung forward and the need to sip a pint on a bright sunlight patio, it is still deep winter here in the Great White North. Spring is approaching, at least it says so on the calendar.

Canadians are famous for talking about the weather. It's true. Part of our national blandness, but also partly is that is affects so much of what we do, or put another what we can do. The darkness, the frozen skin, the road made impassable by massive windrows. The hours spent shovelling. The slippery sidewalks. The broken water mains. The frozen pipes. No wonder for this year's Olympics we chose an appropriate hashtag: #WeAreWinter. Turns out Norway may be a bit more winter than us, but it still dogs our national consciousness.

And when that winter becomes a doozy like this year, it becomes the thing of legend. Yes kids, minus 30. Uphill both ways.

At least we get to play in the snow.


Hidden from the camera is that this cute capture is mid-tantrum. Those gloves are meant to keep your hands warm. Don't blame me if you don't want to wear them!

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