Friday, May 28, 2010

Back SAHD-it

Yup another day of unexpected SAHDing it. Today's cause - the wee man has some sort of tummy bug. I won't bore you (or embarrass him) with the details, but let's just say firmer would be better (and yes I think it's only a coincidence that I went to the Maple Leaf Foods food safety thing last night).

So it was me and him at home for the day, and the evening. Mommy was out at SATC2 - I just figured out the acronym (a hint for those Dads whose wives don't have them on baby duty this weekend it stars four ladies who are still pretending to be twentysomethings in NYC).

Again I have to admire the daycare staff. Everyday we drop him off in one outfit and he is returned to us at the end of day in the same outfit. We have spares at daycare, but he doesn't seem to need them. Not really a big deal, except he has two meals and three snacks in the intervening time. And he paints.

Now whenever it's my turn to serve up some grub, despite whatever precautions I take (bibs, napkins, garbage bags, ponchos, dry cereal only) he emerges covered. Like a food bomb went off. He gets food into places that I didn't think he could reach. His key move is the hair smear. Fine. It saves on styling product. For both of us.

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Chris Singer said...

Oh man, hope the little dude is feeling better soon. Tessa loves using her sweet potatoes as hair gel. Let the good times roll, right :)

~ @tessasdad

angela auclair said...

what is it about the daycare scene that makes our little ones care about their appearance??? i sent noodles with baby a yesterday...and they returned him spotless - WITHOUT using his bib. I do not get it. he is the spaghetti monster at our house...