Friday, May 7, 2010

Building Blocks

Today is Friday, May 7. It's high time this week came to an end. With a historic plunge on Wall Street, electoral outcomes unsure in the UK, and oil still pumping into the Gulf of Mexico, it seems we could all use a little break.  The economic crisis in Greece seemed to have passed, but is still rocking markets. Terrorism still haunts us all. Maternal health is a fiercely renewed debate in Canada's Parliament. And rumours abound that Chris Bosh is about to exit the Raptors.

It's times like these when I relish a lazy Saturday, playing with the little man. His life is so joyous. Sure he faces frustration daily, trying to overcome a series of perpetual hurdles (next up walking, talking and some pesky molars), but he does it with such abandon, such pure spirit that it always makes me smile. I stack some blocks, he'll knock them down and we'll both laugh ourselves giddy.

Thank you, wee one.
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Kevin McKeever said...

Playing with your kids knows no economic boundaries.

Portland Dad said...

That is a beautiful picture, is that one or yours? Nothing helps cleanse the soul of the trials and tribulations of the world like some good on the floor time with the kids.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys!

And PDXDad, yup, it's one of mine.