Friday, May 14, 2010

A Lament for 14 Little Eyjafjallajokulls

Fatherhood Friday at Dad BlogsThe technical term is "Tooth Eruption". It's a pretty good name as far as these things go. It's not a multisyllabic obfuscation of the realities of the process, or the pain it entails.  It's actually bang on. Each little tooth is a personal Eyjafjallajokull. You think that's a mouthful, try twelve of them in under six months. And then add two more. Granted the wee man doesn't have plumes of ash (like a real-life smoke-monster) spewing from between his lips, but honestly at this point I dont think it would be any more dramatic.

Quite frankly I'm pretty tired of this whole system. Poorly designed, I say. Sure there are some advantages (less nipple damage, cute photos of gap toothed smiles), but overall is the pain really worth it? And why does it never end? Like waves pounding the beach, one pokes through for another to follow on its heels. Please Jaws, end it quickly!

Last week the top two molars broke through the surface, shredding the last threads of gum early this week. Then the bottom molars made a full court press for the surface. Now some canines are barking at our heels.

Wee man, you are braver than I. And at least it's now easier to chew.


EdathomeDad said...

I have forgotten the teething phase. You accurately brought it to light. With time it passes but, I am sure the moment seems like an eternity. The best of luck.

Cristin said...

Well said DA DA!

Chris Singer said...

Damn, I hate teething...excruciating to watch isn't it?...Good luck man.


Portland Dad said...

It is a tough road to hoe for the little ones but tough for the parents as well