Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boys Night In!

Mommy has a work event tonight so it's just the little guy and me at home ce soir. Boys Night In! Hopefully, if all goes well we will eat dinner, get bathed and get to sleep on time. I'm really not bothered which of us falls asleep first either.

Now I was a SADH (Stay-at-home-dad) for more than three months, and for all that time we didnt have a problem being organized, getting errands and chores done, having fun, squeezing in some nap time and having random awesome adventures. There was lots of laughing and learning too. Now somehow you throw some 9 to 5 into the mix everything is much more difficult. Just getting the wee man home (via grinding commute), fed (well past hungry and into meltdown mode) and bathed (where crankypants wants in the bath until he wants out again and in again and out . . .) now seems like an odyssey. An epic repeated five times a week.

Let's just hope tonight's chapter leans towards Heracles rather than Sisyphus.

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Portland Dad said...

I find that even though I'm the SAHD if the boys are away for more then 3 days I lose my rhythm and have to learn all oer again.