Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So the little guy has become a bit of a demando. His Uncle, Aunt and cousins got him a splash table/sandbox for his birthday, but this weekend was the first where the weather was nice enough to use it. And boy does he love it. Maybe a little too much. When we got home from daycare yesterday the only thing he wanted to do was play in the sand. Too bad it was dinner time and with his food and energy reserves running low, the meltdown wasn't far behind. He still managed to suck back some dinner between sobs, actually pretty impressive. The net effect,  however, was to prolong dinner and diminish the quantity he consumed. And yes, we relented. Our parental fortitude simply gave out. As a compromise he got to play in the sand and mommy and daddy had a glass of wine.

This morning was the same deal (not the wine part). He woke up early (must have been dreaming of the sandbox) and sped straight to the backdoor. Getting him ready and out of the house this morning proved difficult as the back door seemed to have acquired the pull of a super-magnet. I'm anticipating the same when we return home tonight. I thought the tantrums weren't supposed to really start until the "terrible twos". He just turned one!

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