Saturday, August 14, 2010

Boys day out

Today the moms had their "day away" so us dads were left with the four
boys under 6.

The weather at the cottage was blustery and fairly chilly so our plan
of throwing them off the dock all day was thwarted. Improvising after
naptime (and thank all that is good in the world that 3 out of 4
napped well and long) we opted for a trip to the dump. Boys and
garbage, what could better? There are often bears at the dump whatever
thought the little dudes would enjoy bear watching atop mounds of
trash. We figured we'd get lucky since the cottage had already been
visited by a cub this morning.

Unfortunately the bruins weren't cooperating and it was on to improv
plan B - the wolf centre. Again not much luck as we got there too
late. But nearby there's a farm so we took a right and there were the
pigs. Dozens of pigs. And the boys loved them. On the way back to the
car Oliver got loose and made a break for it back to the pen, barking
the whole way. I'm alright with the fact that he thinks dogs and pigs
make the same noise.

Dads on duty meant that the return trip to the cottage had one more
detour. A stop at the marina for Ice Cream Sandwhiches! Who cares if
it was 5:30 and almost dinner time. Surprisingly the boys ate all
their dinner and were fed and bathed by the time the mommies rolled

Smores for dessert just meant that it really was a classic summer
vacation day up north.

Maybe tomorrow we will see bears and wolves and if we are really lucky
some big old moose. We just need to remember to close the windows
tonight. . .

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Stephanie said...

LOL You brought back some great memories for me here. My Dad used to take me and my younger sister to the dump. It is an experience not easily forgotten:) Sounds like you had a great day.