Friday, August 20, 2010

A Toddler's Gift

To our dismay, our little one has come down with bad case of separation anxiety. It started with some tears upon our return from vacation and has blossomed into full-on, gut-wrenching screams when we leave the room.

Needless to say, mommy is having a hard time getting ready for work in the morning. And daddy has resorted to playing Raffi to drown out the sobs on the drive to torture, um, i mean day-care.

Parental doubts loom in again: are we doing the right thing? are we damaging our child? is there something we're missing? or are we just the biggest suckers that ever did live?

Today went a little better at drop off and mommy didn't cry in her boss's office, so we just may be turning a corner.

As I got the thumbs up on a better drop off from daddy-extraordinaire, I reached into my bike bag to get out my iphone, and out fell a fuzzy little red ball. You know, the kind you'd use to make some kind of cool arts and crafts project? The very kind of which Oliver made at daycare and then brought home to share.

At times, parenting is heartbreaking. But today Mommy smiled.

This particular piece of art has been the subject of much conversation around our house. It lives on the fridge but often comes down so Oliver can hold it, walk around and talk about it.  In the chaos of the last few days I'd lost track of it but this morning when I opened my bike bag at work I had my reminder. Not one, but TWO fuzzy little red balls popped out over the course of the day. And I know how they got there.

Oliver, I love you too! More than you will ever know.

Guest writer,

P.S. Happy Fatherhood Friday to all the amazing Dads out there! Where would be we without you?

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Stephanie said...

Oh how sweet! Leaving those wee one's when they cry...I swear to you, it is harder on the Mama's then the babes:) Glad to hear he is turning the corner and things are geting easier!