Monday, August 9, 2010

The Challenges of Parenting

Being a parent means confronting numerous challenges, often in the most unexpected of places.

We're not starting to potty train the little guy just yet, but we have introduced him to the concept. More accurately he's introduced himself to the concept. One of his favourite games happens to be opening and closing doors. Doesn't matter which door, especially not if it happens to be the bathroom and it happens to be in use. So like I said, he's introduced himself to the concept to both Mommy and Daddy's chagrin.

This morning, we were out for a walk and we stopped at the local Second Cup. The purpose of the visit was twofold: 1) Daddy needed a coffee and 2) Daddy needed to use the bathroom. Conveniently this particular location has a nice and large ground floor family washroom. We've stopped here on many an occasion. Usually I can bring the wee man into the room and leave him in the stroller while I find relief.

Unfortunately today someone had managed to lock the keys inside the can. So instead of the nice and clean spacious family washroom, Daddy's choices were reduced to nothing or the *slightly* less clean facilities in the basement. There was no way the stroller was going to navigate those stairs, but neither was I going to make it to the next coffee shop. Hoisting him from his stroller, babe-in-arms I tacked the challenge. This being the *slightly* less spotless facilities there was no way I was going to release the wee man on his own recognizance. Thankfully he kept the squirming to a minimum and he got a new view of the proceedings.


Unknown said...

I hate bringing my boy to a bathroom. All I can do is pray, "Please don't sit on the floor, please don't sit on the floor..."

CynthiaK said...

And another for the list of Things We Never Remotely Envisioned Doing Before Becoming a Parent. :)

christopher said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with bathroom tales. You have inspired me to tell my tale of peeing in a bathroom at the beach while wearing my son in a baby bjorn.