Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tales from Western Front

Monday saw us fly back from our first (of two) vacation of the summer. We headed out west to Alberta for a much needed break. Despite our best efforts to not plan too much, not get up to much and generally chill out, the wee man had different plans. Over the next week I'll recap some of the more interesting events, but in the meantime I want to pass along this tip for travelling with infants. Unfortunately for us we got it too late and maybe I'm breaking some parental cone of silence by sharing, but I figure you worthy readers might be able to put it good use:

When  two parents are travelling with an infant under 2 book your seats at either end of the row.  It is highly unlikely that the person stuck in the middle will sit there for long thereby providing your offspring with a seat. All the more extra space for toddler gymnastics or, more hopefully, napping.

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