Monday, August 9, 2010

Corn-y Times

The little guy is pushing 16 months now. For some reason we thought the pace of change would slow. Maybe it has, but now each and every change is very noticeable. He has learned a few words and can express himself with a few basic signs - pointing, clapping and asking for more. That last one he's perfected. We didn't know how well until we were sitting out under the Alberta big sky for a full salmon bbq.

The little guy loved the salmon, and the salad and the rest of the dishes. But there was one thing he really wanted: the corn. And not cut off the cob into babysize chunks, thank you very much. No, he wanted the whole cob. 

Not only did he want it. 

He ate it. 

All of it. 

And then some of a second. 

I wonder where he got this from?

(Hint: she gave birth to him)

1 comment:

candicem said...

Oh my goodness they look alike!

My Oliver is INSANE about corn too. And we can relate to the pace of change... he seems to come up with a new word every day!