Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Operation Fat Daddy

I've never been a heavy guy, but being in my thirties I had acquired a bit of extra padding round the midriff (don't we all?). Surprisingly though, after the little guy's arrival I quickly withered. In the exhaustion of three days in hospital with nothing more than a chair as a bed and not much to eat except some carboard pizza (and an amazing take-out steak donated by my mother and father-in-law), I lost quite a bit of weight. A bit too much. Pants from years ago (yes, I should call Hoarders) were fitting nicely. Lots of shirts though, seemed to hang loosely off my frame - a plus if you're working Bryant Park for NY fashion week, but not so hot for your average guy.

When I went on parental leave, things actually got a bit worse. "Feed yourself first" were my wife's instructions, but when the little guy needs to eat, he NEEDS TO EAT. So not only was I was not putting weight back on, I was losing a bit more.

Action was needed. A plan was devised. A strategem elucidated. We launched "Operation Fat Daddy". Now I'm snacking all the time, getting seconds at meals and eating whatever I can. I have to say it's pretty good. Extra treats are sent my way, extra burgers are encouraged, and all in all it's a pretty sweet deal. A breakfast sandwich a day, at work, rest and play . . .

Now to line up the wings, nachos and pretzels for March Madness. Being a new Dad definitely has some perks!

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BusyDad said...

So you want us other dads (and our love handles) to hate you, right? I wish someone would force ME to eat extra burgers and nachos.

Oh alright, fine. More power to you. Have a milkshake for me, ok? Welcome to the crazy world of daddyhood and the interesting world of daddy blogging.