Thursday, March 11, 2010

Daycare Transition - Day 4

When he awoke this morning, the little man was very excited. He couldn't wait to get to daycare. He was looking forward to seeing his little friends, having fun with all the fun activities and eating yummy meals. Mommy visited yesterday and was impressed by the veggie lasagna and how well the little man sat in his chair at the table.

Although we were ready for a bit of a rougher day given it would be his longest yet and he was also supposed to have his first real nap today. The morning passed uneventfully as Daddy hovered nearby ready to swoop in if the phone rang. It didn't. Around 2:30, Daddy had run out of errands to run and had drunk enough coffees, so he was cooling his heels reading a book in the main lobby. All of a sudden the fire alarm sounded. Daddy packed up his bag, put on his coat and walked down the hall to the daycare. By the time he had arrived, the little people had already been rounded up and were on their way out the door. Unfortunately for Oliver, he had just gone down for his big nap only to be so rudely awakened. Dad was impressed with the evacuation which we later learned was due to an explosion in the parking garage! Everything was quickly brought under control with no damage or lasting effects.

I wonder if tomorrow will be as exciting?

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