Monday, March 29, 2010

It Wasn't My Idea

Dear Oliver,

It wasn't my idea. That is what I am going to tell you when you see these pictures. It wasn't my idea.

It was Sunday. We went for a late-afternoon playdate/BBQ at at friend's house. Their daughter is very cute and she gave you a kiss, wee man. Your Moms arranged the get-together. OK, Dads approved of the BBQ theme, including burgers and beer, but we were well prepared. We brought the sippy-cup, and the extra bottle, and the bib.We even had the portable high-chair so everyone could eat together.  We had backup food in case you didn't like what was on offer. We brought spare soothers and teething toys. We didn't really forget to bring it, as much as we hadn't planned on staying so late. We thought the bib would serve it's stated purpose and protect your clothing from the various edible juices, colours and oozes.

Yes son, you are correct. These are all excuses. Still, it wasn't my idea.

It wasn't my idea. We simply didn't have one of your sleepers with us. Yes, yours are covered in variety of trucks, robots, aliens, pirate ships and polar bears. Yes, yours are in shades of blue, brown, grey and green. But really, it was the first sleeper Uncle "D" came across. You were in a little girl's house. We thought you might be too tired to notice.

It wasn't my idea.

Maybe the hat wasn't really necessary.

I did take pictures and I did post them on the interweb.

You can curse me at your wedding.



candicem said...

Ha! He's even got a "What the frig, dad... what the frig" look on his face.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! It's a good thing you've got a few more years to work on your story. Because It's still a little flimsy – I'm sensing complicity. Or maybe I'm just thinking that it would definitely be MY idea.

Dad of Divas said...

LOL, I can see this happening, but for us, it would be our girls sitting in the Trucks and robots!