Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life in a Zoo

There are only three of us in our little family. So how come our life is such a zoo? It feels like I just woke up and now I'm going to bed. The time in between is blurry. The words hectic, disaster and what-just-happened I think are accurate, but "zoo" is easier to say and remember, at least for my parenting brain.

The wee man has been asleep for three hours already and since he retired all I've managed to do is eat. Well at least that involved cleaning the kitchen, tidying up where he ate, cooking dinner, chasing a racoon out of the garbage, and watching all of three minutes of the Sweet Sixteen. And that was after he went to bed. Getting him home from daycare and getting him fed was the major challenge of the day.

Well thank you for small mercies. This week's comes in book form:

Thanks Mike, Janine and Grace for this wonderful book. The little guy adores opening the packages to see the different animals the zoo sends. He's going to have to make do, since there is no way we are adding any more real live animals to this one.

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BusyDad said...

Ha, well if my past experience helps, I used to gauge my daily parenting success by just one metric: poop. If my kid successfully pooped that day, I considered myself a successful parent. Makes things a lot less stressful. Poop meant that he was successfully fed, and that his internal organs still worked.