Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hunger Strike

Today's early wake-up set the tone for a day and a week that seems to be only getting worse (full disclosure: the little man has been a pretty good sleeper so losing 2-3 hours sleep a night for us is a big shock, especially when it's Dad's first week back at work). Another tearful drop-off at daycare meant things weren't improving. So now, in his fourth day of real daycare, the little guy had perfected a repertoire of wailing, refusing to nap and reducing nighttime rest. So it was only natural that he decided to go all Ghandi on us. No, he didn't opt for pacifism, but to show everyone just how his rights were being violated he went on a hunger strike. Yeah, that feels great for parents. Your eleventh month-old has stopped eating because of something you are doing to him. Too bad it's so you can pay for his food in the first place.

By early afternoon, Dad had to make the trek back to the daycare to see if I could coax some food into him. We managed (yes two daycare workers - professionals no less!- and his dad) to get some lunch into him. Okay he turned his nose up at the tofu, but I sort of approve of that. After eating a bit his mood improved drastically (the apple does not fall far from the tree - just ask my wife) and I used the opportunity to pull the one of the most underhanded parenting tricks in the non-existent book - I snuck out. Well, it seemed to work. I didn't get another call from the daycare for the rest of the day. Okay so I still picked him up early, but I'm writing this blog so I'm calling it progress.

We had some fun at home - wrestling, making a mess, laughing for no reason. When mommy got home we all went to the park for a little fun in the sun (Canadians really can't pass up 18C weather in March!). He didn't last long, but it was enough. He crashed when we got home but at least he is asleep now. Oh, he'll be up soon - he still hasn't had any bottle, but Dad is taking advantage of the quiet to enjoy a nice gin 'n tonic before I throw the steaks on the old BBQ.

Fingers crossed for Friday.

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