Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Standing, Standing, Crying

Dad and the little guy were home today for another sick day. He's almost better, not sure if the same thing can be said of Dad, but Dad still put in a solid effort of making the wee man feel better. There were good morning naps, great meals, and lots of fun playing, reading books and rocking out to some killer tunes. And then there are his new tricks.

The wee one has been working on his standing to the point where he's become a bit of a daredevil. One hand, one foot - no problem! Dancing and swaying - easy! Bouncing and dancing on one foot - where's the challenge? That is until we skip afternoon nap. Let's just say that despite his new found stability on two legs, gravity always wins.

Normally this isn't disastrous as he has a remarkable ability to land on the padded parts. Of course when the laws of baby-physics combine with the universal truths of Daddy-on-duty the results are often less than ideal. In this particular case the edge of the chair protruded just a bit too much. The little guy is okay, and I'm sure this will only be the first of many bumps, cuts and bruises, but it doesn't make Daddy feel any better. At least you're a tough little cookie.

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candicem said...

Our Oliver had a bruise in one location on his forehead or another from about 6 months (he started early) to 10 months old. It's par for the course... get ready! :)