Monday, March 8, 2010

And so it begins

Today was Oliver's first day in Daycare. Dad has handed off to the professionals. Oliver is ecstatic.

Actually, this week is "transition week". He only put in two hours this morning. He loved it though. I'm not sure if it'll hold once he realizes the implications, but for now it is an amazing and fun place. They have a few of his favourite things: tambourines, books and a pit of balls. The staff got a kick of his little mischievous sense of humour too. We'll see if that holds too. All in all, so far so good. We have three hours tomorrow as it steadily ramps up all week. The big test will be nap time. I'm not sure it can go much worse than at home today though.

Despite the refusal to nap (and the associated late day crankiness), the little man and I had a blast today too. It was a beautiful 14 degrees with the glorious sunshine streaming down. With a coffee in hand, the forced 6:30 am wake-up was maybe not glorious, Dad and Oliver explored tree-lined streets and beautiful parks. Dad forgot the little one's sunglasses (not that he'd wear them anyway), but Oliver seemed to appreciate the sunshine. Regardless, the votes have been cast and the sunglasses fall in the "not" category.

Dad added to win the column tonight too by actually getting the taxes filed. You need to eat and new clothes, don't you wee man?

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