Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 43

Has it really been 43 days?!? Has it only been 43 days?!?

If I total up all my grey hairs, aching muscles, amazing memories, belly laughs, frazzled nerves, wondrous moments, and messy poops it pretty much comes out to that. It's a new sort of math: one part baby brain, one part Raffi song, one part advanced quantum mechanics and one part wee man.  I prefer to the current budget math in Ottawa. Either way, 2 days to go and then it's a whole new adventure.

The little guy was great today, we had a blast! He was up early, but napped early enough and long enough that Dad was able to put his head down for a bit too. He loved Rainbow Songs - no crying at all (too bad he has his final class on Thursday). The sun was out too so we went for a great walk. He's becoming less of a little vampire and isn't hiding from the sun quite so much. He still sneezes, but doesn't shy away. He's not wearing his un-hip sunglasses either.

He is becoming more of a little monkey at home though. Well, I'm not sure if he is more of a little monkey or is just able to execute more of his mischievous plans with his increased mobility. He still has his commando crawl, but can do it on his knees too. He's also getting better at pulling himself up. He's quite tall too, so things we thought were out of reach are actually far too accessible. I think he'll be standing and walking soon. Good thing we have those baby gates and cabinet locks. I still need to devise a solution for the stereo and speaker cables.  I'm definitely getting a workout keeping up with him!

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