Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daycare Delights

Oliver had his second morning of daycare today. And again he loved it. He loved storytime, playing with  playdo, the music man and his new little friends. He ate well, played well and smiled a lot. He really didn't notice if Dad was there or not.

He came home in a great mood, and was promptly out for the count. After the early morning today, Dad certainly appreciated the three hour nap! Mommy had to work late today, but she's coming to Daycare tomorrow too.

Watching the kids at daycare has only added to Oliver's arsenal of little tricks. In addition to doing the "downward dog" on a regular basis, he has taken to pulling up to standing. Very exciting! Just not when Daddy is trying to give him bath, although the yoga pose does make it easier to clean certain areas.

We can't wait for tomorrow's adventures (and the exciting menu at daycare)!

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