Saturday, January 9, 2010

DDC - Day 5

The first week of Daddy Day Care is in the books. All in all it was a pretty decent start. Next week our activities ramp up with Gymboree, Rainbow Songs and swimming lessons. None of those came to pass this week, unfortunately. We were sidetracked by poonamis and dishwasher repairmen (on the dishwasher front it is not looking good - machine is fine, pipes not so much. When is Spring again?).

The weekend should be a good one too. Oliver is over his cold (knock on wood) and his top four front teeth have cut. It's merely a dangerous warren of little blades now, instead of a painful sleep-depriving process of self-cutting.  He's slept straight through for three in a row now. If you are a Canadian sports team, these three straight victories is more than you can possibly dream of. (Let's focus on the Olympics where amateurs may be able to help us out). Here's to more in the days (and weeks) ahead!

As for lessons learned:

  • naps on time are important;
  • he doesn't really ask, so be sure to offer the bottle, frequently
  • despite how arduous it seems, get out of the house. Everyday.
Next week, only a few things to avoid: poonamis, poomageddon, poo & awe, and superpoolifragalisticexpealidocious. That's about it really. Let's hope the weather stays on this side of nice too. Love the snow, but the extra bundling for the little man makes getting out of the house just that much more difficult.

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