Monday, January 11, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 6

It's Monday and our second week of Daddy Day Care. This morning didn't start off on the best note with Oliver rising bright and early (before 6am). I should have taken this for a sign of things to come, one of those omens that the apocalypse is nigh. It still counts as "a sleep through the night", taking his streak to six nights in a row  (like the Leafs, we'll take 'em when we can get 'em). Hopefully this is the new normal, the dominant paradigm, the way the world turns, at least with the sleeping all the way through, not the early rising, whatever they say about birds and worms.

We were excited for our first Gymboree class today, but nap schedules, like the stars, did not align ideally. I had to wake the little man so we could make our first class. You don't want to be late on the first day! Oliver was registered in Level 3 (10-16 months), but we've now moved down to Level 2. He really really wants to crawl, but it still hasn't happened yet and I think he was a bit put out not being mobile like the other kids. He had big smiles for his teacher, Cynthia, but was not a fan of the parachute. NOT a fan. However, in this he was not alone, I mean, it was designed to escape from doomed aeroplanes - not really something that springs to mind as a toy.

Home for lunch - an exquisite combination of cheese and banana - and then it was naptime once again.  Dad was all too happy to partake in that particular activity. Following afternoon naps, despite being a happy little guy, Oliver was thrown off a bit by multiple "bonks". By the third, Dad had given up preparing dinner and is still trying to determine how Oliver went from his belly on the mat to banging the back of his head on the hardwood. ETA for parental supper - 9pm-ish, I hope.

Trying to bring the day to a close, it was time for Oliver to eat a nice home-cooked dinner. Fresh beef was on the menu, but Oliver turned up his nose.
Same with the carrots.
And the turkey.
And the peas.
And the cereal, yogurt and apricots.
Chef's Special was all he would accept. Thankfully Chef's Special is real easy to prepare. Like reach-your-hand-into-a-box-of-Cheerios easy.

Nothing's on the itinerary tomorrow, except a trip to Shopper's to get some more formula, hence naps will rule the agenda. Here's hoping to a full night through.

We love you little man, and we know that nothing is harder than being a baby. Still, let's all try for smoother one tomorrow.


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Hope today went more smoothly! PS - I check your blog every day :)