Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 13

Lucky number 13 and no calamities. The little guy is back to sleeping through the night, although his mornings are a bit early for my taste. Regardless he was in a great mood today and in fine napping form. The big news is that he has a spot in daycare! The 12 month waiting list has paid off. He'll be starting in the middle of March as Dad heads back to the office. Less than two months of Daddy Day Care remain  :(

He also had his nine-month check-up today. We made it to the doctor's office on time for our appointment where the little guy was a very patient patient. Unfortunately, his stoicism reached it's limits as lunch time came and went - along with his dignity. He was weighed (9.04 kg) and measured (73.5 cm), which meant striping down to his birthday suit. Since Dad thought we would be into an exam room in short order, I only re-clad him in shirt, socks and tuque, alongside his diaper, of course. I think returning to the waiting room in such a state was not just an affront to said dignity, but also a blow to his sartorial sense. That and the "toy" the nurse provided to keep him occupied - a urine sample cup. Sterile, but identifiable nonetheless. A clean bill of health and disapproving commentary later we were home.

What was left of our afternoon proved uneventful and Mommy made it home for dinner.

Everyone's zonked here. See you all tomorrow. We'll see if Rainbow Songs goes better this time around and hopefully there won't be any sign of the dreaded parachute . . .

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