Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DDC - Day 8

Another good night's sleep. I don't want to jinx it, but we seem to be on a roll here! The only difference was when Oliver awoke this morning, he flipped straight onto his belly to practice crawling. He's not there yet, but given the effort he's putting in (and the associated frustration level) I think he'll nail it soon. Then we will see just how baby-proofed the house really is.

Oliver met Maia and Cohen for a playdate at the Lil' Bean N' Green. The little man ate a satisfying lunch and then it was off to the play area to work off those calories. The Jolly Jumper was a big hit, as always, as was the recycling truck and a big yellow ball. Maia did steal the ball at one point, but the smooth little dude let the lady have her way - including the shot to the face. Dad was pleased to see he wasn't the only dad present amongst the army of babies and moms. There were in fact two of us! It was a fun time, but Dad may have pushed it a little too far as Oliver had a big poop in his carseat on the way home, demanded a bottle as Dad tried to stem the poo-tide and then crashed out for a solid two hour nap.

The little man didn't wake until Mommy arrived home - much to Dad's relief. He was very happy, to pass the feeding and the changing off to Mommy. Another up-the-back-poop and some refusal to eat today's menu supported Dad's excellent decision to tag Mommy in. Although it did result in an unscheduled bath. And another load of unscheduled laundry.

Tomorrow is Rainbow Songs, and some housework, if everything goes according to plan. Really, what could go wrong?

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