Saturday, January 23, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 15 - End of week 3

So that's a wrap on week 3.

All in all a good week. The little dude started to miss his Mommy a bit more, but we still had a blast.

I would like to say Friday was the icing on the week, but Dad made a big mistake that resulted in a pee-soaked, very hungry and overheating yet strangely tolerant little dude. Stay with us as I regale you with the tale.

As we set off for a big walk today to run some pesky errands - oohhh productive - I had everything packed and ready to go.

  • bottle - check
  • diaper bag - check
  • winter clothes - check
  • extra clothes - check
  • sippy cup - check
  • Mortimer the Moose - check
  • soother - check
  • lunch packed - check

Unable to think of anything else we might possibly need on a quick jaunt around the neighbourhood, off we headed. We returned the movie to the rental store. We did some banking. We nipped in to Shopper's. We picked up another bib. Dad's glasses got a tune-up. We got some beers for the weekend. Feeling accomplished and efficient we stopped for a well deserved lunch. Only then, at the Second Cup, a longways from home, did Dad realize he had left the lunch bag on the floor at home - first critical error. Not wanting to dawdle and aiming to get the little guy home quickly for his eats, Dad opted not to change the diaper at Second Cup - second critical error.

We got home. Oliver was hungry. Oliver was wet - as in soaked through his jeans. And Dad still hadnt eaten lunch. We did get it all sorted, had good naps and had fun playing until Mommy got home. Yay Mommy!

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