Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daddy Day Care - Day 14

Day 13 passed without incident. I should have headed the sailor's warning. Day 14 began early as we were awoken to a crisis at 4:00 am. The little guy had awoken with both his legs stuck through the bars of his crib. Sleep-crawling strikes again. It took both Mommy and Daddy to free his little limbs (and too chubby thighs).

The early am wake (and snack) meant the wee one slept-in until way past 8. Good news? More like short term gratification with long term pain. He wouldn't go down for his morning nap until 11am. In itself no big deal, but when we had to be at Rainbow Songs by 11:45, time was running short.  Daddy ended up waking him early. His hair looks the same as mine when woken rudely - tussled and sticking up in all directions. He can give sleepy dirty looks with the best of them too.

We made it to Rainbow Songs only minutes late and picked up the routine from last week without a hitch - Oliver launched straight into crying. This time around, however, he stopped after the first song and really lit up when the instruments were handed out. He loved banging the tamborine and even danced with his little friend Beatrice.  He never totally let loose though and his contemplative nature was noticed, again. Despite his early years tears, Jessica labelled him a "Zen baby".

We had a quick pit-stop at home to pick up lunch (yes I brought him into the house, despite a fleeting temptation to leave him in the car for 2 minutes) and then it was on to Lil Bean n' Green for another meet-up of Cristin's moms group. Moms and Dad group now. We all ate lunch, played, and discussed trips to St. Maarten and St. Lucia - not for Oliver and fam, but for those of Tatum and Beatrice. Dad turned green with envy which was quickly retracted after picturing the five-hour flight with a munchkin-on-lap. Still, Oliver, stay friends with these girls.

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